5 Tried and Tested Methods To Keep Your Drains Clean

February 15, 2023

Imagine you’re hosting a huge dinner party for your friends and family. But before you can even set the table, you hear gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen sink. It takes you a moment to realize the drain is clogged, and the water is starting to push back up, spilling over the sides. — Sounds horrendous, doesn’t it?

A clogged drain is nothing short of a nightmare, especially with all the smells and dirty water sprouting up. But what if we told you that you could prevent your pipes from getting blocked? As long as you know how to keep your drains clean, you can say goodbye to endless plunging and hello to a fresh-smelling plumbing system!

Here’s Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Drains!

It can get pretty frustrating trying to unclog a blocked drainage system. Be it pouring chemical cleaners or spending your entire energy on a flimsy plunger, you never know what the end results may be. Plus, no one wants their house to stink, do they?

This is why it is typically recommended to clean drains at least once a month. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you handle this. You can either get to work yourself or call in a professional drain cleaning company; the choices are endless. Because if you don’t, you’re putting yourself at risk for:

  • Constant pipe leakages
  • Water contamination causes the dirty water to travel upwards instead of draining out.
  • Rotten egg smell wafting throughout your house.
  • Cockroaches, flies, and even rat infestations.
  • Severe health risks due to bacteria-ridden water.

How To Keep Your Drains Clean

For starters, if you have a sink that never seems to drain or takes too long to empty, make sure to clean it constantly. In addition, whenever you go through a task that generates tons of debris or waste, clean out your drain instantly after. This prevents the plumbing system from clogging. So if you want to keep your drains clean and in tip-top shape, here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

1. Use a Strainer
Inexpensive and highly useful, strainers are great at catching tiny bits of food scraps, hair, and other waste products.

2. Whip Some Baking Soda and Vinegar Together
Ah, good old baking soda! When you combine this magic ingredient with vinegar, you’ll be left with an even more magical potion. One that can break apart all kinds of dust and grime from the insides of your drain pipes. All it takes is ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar to sit for 30 minutes, and voila!

3. Pour In Boiling Water
The classic trick of pouring boiling water works every time. It instantly helps to dissolve grease and other pesky food particles. But make sure to pour the water in slowly so as not to damage the pipes.

4. Grab Your Trusty Plunger
When in doubt, grab the plunger for support. Simply place it on the lip of the drain, creating a tight seal, before pumping it up and down to get rid of any blockages in the drain system.

5. Call In A Professional
If all else fails, call in the experts! A professional plumber will identify and fix the problem, ensuring that your drains are functioning properly.

Time To Flush It Away!

Now that you know all the different ways on how to keep your drains clean, make sure to follow through! By letting bacteria buildup inside your plumbing system, you’re allowing multiple pollutants to invade your house. Not to mention the rotting smell and contaminated water that comes with it can pose as a serious health hazard. So, if you’re tired of your sink always overfilling, don’t wait any longer! Contact Jetter Drain today at (832) 266-1614 For more information, you can visit us at 10690 Shadow Wood Dr. Ste 128B, Houston, TX 77043, United States.


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