DIY vs. Professional Drain Cleaning: What Works Best in Dallas?

August 15, 2023

If your kitchen or bathroom pipes are often clogged, you may feel tempted to grab a plunger and get right to it, hoping to suck out the blockage with a mighty pull, just like a DIY guru. But let us tell you just how dangerous and wrong that idea is.

Sure, it’s fulfilling to get things done by yourself, but when it comes to drain cleaning in Dallas, doing it yourself as a side project never works out. There’s a reason why professional drain cleaning is so important. Don’t believe us? Keep reading this blog to learn why a DIY plumbing project can do you more harm than good.

Reasons Why DIY Drain Cleaning is Bad

We know, it seems so much easier to just dump a bottle of drain cleaning solution down the sink and call it a day. But the truth is, that’s not going to do anything other than temporarily dissolve the blockage and damage your sewer lines. That is why we have compiled a list of all the different reasons why cleaning a drain by yourself can be hazardous:

  1.  More often than not, when you unclog a drain yourself, you’re only doing so halfway. That is to say, it\s merely a temporary fix. Before you know it, the clog will return, leading to more frequent blockages.
  2. Most drain cleaning liquids contain hydrochloric acid, which is a harsh chemical that can melt through the drain pipes. So, despite getting a freely flowing sink, you would still end up with a leaking sewage line.
  3. The pipe might break or get ruptured if you use a tool unguarded. For example, a drain snake is a simple piece of equipment to handle. However, if you twist it too hard or turn it in the wrong direction, the drain might get damaged in the process.

What Makes Professional Drain Cleaning Better?

Most people try their luck with a plumbing job simply because they want to save money. However, getting your house’s pipeline cleaned is not an extra expense. It is an investment that can save you from further problems down the line. There are actually plenty of reasons why a professional drain cleaning service is far safer in comparison to DIY projects, such as:

  • Improves overall health by getting rid of unpleasant odors and bacteria.
  • Increases longevity of your sewage lines.
  • Effectively handles all kinds of clogs and drainage issues.
  • Expertly handled, without any mess to worry about.
  • Prevents temporary clogs in the future.
  • Helps to save money in the long run.

Bottom Line

All in all, when it comes to DIY drain cleaning and professional drain cleaning, you should definitely opt for professional service, especially in Dallas. This way, you can get the pesky drain pipe filtered out without the fear of running into the same problem again.

For more queries and concerns, feel free to contact Jetter Drain at (832) 266-1614. You can also schedule a cleaning online by filling out the details on our form. It’s hassle-free and instantly connects you with one of our representatives!


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