Drain Diagnosis & Inspection Services in Houston, TX

Drain Diagnosis & Inspection

Slow drains? Clogged drains? Not sure why your drains aren’t working the way they used to? Call Jetter Drain for effective drain diagnosis and inspection services in the Greater Houston area.

Sometimes clogs happen near the drain. Others form farther down the pipe. To get these clogs cleared and to prevent future stoppages, you need to know where they are and whether you have a soft or hard blockage.

Our video inspection equipment allows us to quickly determine the nature of your clog and utilize the optimal solution. Often, we can clear it out right away with our drain cleaning equipment, while other clogs may result from outside problems requiring additional repairs.

Not sure what’s going on with your pipes? Jetter Drain can pin down the problem for you.

Drain Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular preventive drain inspections can be a great way to avoid future blockages, and they can save you the time and hassle of having to deal with clogs yourself. Even if your drains seem fine, we can take a look for you and clean out any buildup using our modern JetterDrain equipment.

Diagnosis Inspection Image

See the Jetter Difference

Each of our machines is equipped with video inspection equipment, making drain diagnosis quick and simple. You also get to see the difference our drain cleaning process makes—we’ll show you just how clean your pipes are afterward.

Our drain cleaning services are all covered by our 3-year warranty, meaning you can rely on our services for years to come.

Drain Diagnosis & Inspection in Houston, TX

At Jetter Drain, we have served the Greater Houston area for decades, and our innovative processes allow us to tackle any drain stoppages you might experience. For fast and reliable drain diagnosis and inspection services in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, call Jetter Drain!

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