The Cost of Kitchen Drain Cleaning in Houston | What You Need To Know

May 15, 2023

There is nothing as frustrating as a sink that won’t drain. Imagine washing your dishes in a sink full of dirty water because the drain refuses to empty with bits and blobs of food scraps floating in the water.

But how does one effectively clean out their sink? Sure, chemical cleaners can get the job done, or even forcing a snake pipe down the drain might help. However, that doesn’t completely unclog the drain; it’s merely a temporary fix.

The only way you can get your sewer lines to open up is by getting a professional plumber to unclog the kitchen drain. We know hiring professionals can seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality, you’d end up saving way more money, especially if you live in Houston. Continue reading to learn more.

How Much Does Kitchen Drain Cleaning Cost in Houston?

Texas is a huge state, and Houston is just as big of a city. In fact, it’s the most populous southern city, which means every day, someone is out there dealing with a kitchen drain that needs to be cleaned. It’s a pretty common problem, one that plagues every household.

You may be tempted to unclog the drains yourself, but plumbing DIY projects aren’t always successful. If you have no prior plumbing knowledge, it could cause you more harm than good and, instead, end up being more expensive than a professional service.

Thus, the question arises; how much does a professional kitchen drain cleaning cost in Houston?

Technically, the answer to that is a little complicated since there are numerous factors that affect the final cost. However, most drain cleanings are on the affordable side.

The average cost of kitchen drain cleaning in Houston, TX, ranges between $100 to $600, depending on how many drains you’re getting unclogged. A single drain will obviously reduce the price, whereas two or more drains will increase it.

Factors That Can Affect The Price

Given its versatility, it can be difficult to determine the exact value of a drain cleaning. Nonetheless, here are some crucial aspects that can affect the final bill:

  1. Location
    Where you live in Houston plays a major part in how much you have to pay for a professional drain cleaning. The cost tends to vary from county to county.
  2. Plumbing Company
    The company or type of plumber you contact can also significantly influence the quality and price tag of the service.
  3. Type of Fee
    Every plumber is different. Some charge a flat fee, no matter how long it takes to unclog the drains, while others request a set hourly rate.
  4. Additional Costs
    Often it is the special material or equipment that causes the cost of a simple drain cleaning to shoot up. For instance, the total can increase if the drain needs to be hydro-jetted or replaced with a different pipe.
  5. Number of Drains
    The number of kitchen drains that need to be unclogged also affects how much the service can cost. The more drains there are, the higher the price.

Contact a Professional Plumber Today!

The average cost of a kitchen drain cleaning in Houston can lie anywhere between $100 to $600, depending on where you live and other essential factors.

Nevertheless, if you’re tired of your kitchen sink refusing to drain, don’t hesitate to call Jetter Drain at (713) 424-0904. For more information, you can visit our office at 10690 Shadow Wood Dr. Ste 128B, Houston, TX 77043, United States.


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