Tired of Dealing With Clogged Drains? Here Are 10 Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaning!

May 30, 2023

As tiresome as it is, keeping up with and maintaining your house’s plumbing system is necessary. Most important of all, though, is your bathroom. Since it is one of the most important places in your house – a safe haven of sorts, ensuring it runs smoothly is crucial. To do that, you need to keep an eye out for drainage problems.

While store-bought drain cleaners might work to a certain extent, they aren’t a permanent solution. Only a professional bathroom drain cleaning can unclog and fix the drains from deep within.

Telltale Signs Your Bathroom Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

It’s common for bathrooms to get clogged every now and then. Whether it’s the shower drain, the sink, or even the toilet — you can’t prevent a clog forever. However, if you constantly find yourself dealing with plumbing problems, it may be time to let a professional take a look. Here are some of the most prominent signs your bathroom drains need a thorough cleaning.

  1. Your toilet keeps overflowing.
    A toilet that overflows every time you go to flush it is an indication that there are serious sewage problems at play.
  2. Everything is clogged to the brim.
    If every single drain in your bathroom is clogged, be it in the shower or the sink, you might need to schedule a deep drain cleaning.
  3. You run out of drain cleaning materials real quick.
    Drain cleaners can be a huge help when trying to dissolve the blockage. But if you run out of the chemical too soon because of frequent use, the clog might require further inspection and intensive cleaning.
  4. There is always a rotten stench coming from your bathroom.
    It’s common for a clogged drain to stink up the entire bathroom. Regardless of the blockage, it could lead to further drain damage if you don’t get it cleaned soon.
  5. There’s constant water back up when you flush.
    Does your toilet spit out dirty water every time you flush? If so, it could be a sign that something big is blocking the drain underneath.
  6. Your water bill is off the charts.
    Bathroom drain cleaning doesn’t just deal with clogs; it also examines leaks and fixes other minuscule plumbing issues.
  7. There are weird gurgling sounds coming from the bathroom drain.
    It is common for air bubbles to get trapped inside the drain. However, when they burst or escape through the drain pipe, it could cause a gurgling sound to echo within the bathroom.
  8. The drain keeps getting clogged no matter how many times you unclog it.
    Not every blocked drain needs to be cleaned out by professional plumbers. But if you constantly face the same issues, it might be a sign to get your bathroom drain cleaned.
  9. It takes too much time for the sink to drain.
    A sink that refuses to drain the dirty water signifies that something is severely wrong with the drainage system.
  10. The drain is littered with bugs and pests.
    No one likes to see pests inside their house. But if your bathroom is filled with pests, they might be crawling out of the dirty, clogged drain. A deep cleaning can help take care of that.

Closing Words

If you’re tired of your bathroom getting clogged or the nasty smell filling the air, call Jetter Drain today! Our expert plumbers will look for all the signs and determine what area or drain needs cleaning. For more information, you can reach out to us at (832) 266-1614 or find us at 10690 Shadow Wood Dr. Ste 128B, Houston, TX 77043, United States.


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