Washing Machine Not Draining? 5 Reasons Why This Happens!

October 15, 2023

Washing machines are probably one of the best inventions to ever exist. However, they’re only useful when working with the best flow. This typically includes a steady system of clean water rushing through the machine, washing the load, and then getting drained out. But what if your washing refuses to drain? Have you ever looked in to find soapy water casually floating between your clothes, refusing to flow out? There are many reasons that can cause this to happen. To learn what they might entail and how you can fix it, keep on reading this blog.

1. The Drain Pipe is Twisted

Twisted drain pipes can unknowingly cause a lot of damage. You might not even realize it, but a loop of the hose or a kink in its ringlet can stop the flow of water, preventing it from draining. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, turn off the washing machine and carefully untwist the pipe before turning it back on again.

2. The Coin Trap is Clogged

Some washing machines have separate coin traps that help to catch debris and other big objects before drainage. This ensures that the actual drain pipe doesn’t get littered with foreign objects, messing up the machine. However, if your washer has a coin trap, you can try to get the water flowing once again by pulling it out and cleaning it if needed.

3. There is a Clog in the Drain Hose

Whether it is lint, candies, coins, or other small items in your pockets, it’s common for them to slip out during a heavy wash cycle and block the drain. However, if you want to try and unclog the durian hose yourself, be careful. Removing the hose when the machine is loaded will cause the stored water to all but rush out. It is better to let a professional handle this while you take proper precautions to avoid creating a further mess.

4. The Lid is Not Shut Properly

Sometimes, the only reason why the water gets stuck mid-cycle is because the lid of the machine isn’t shut properly. Be it a top-load machine or a front load, it is necessary to shut the door tightly so that the seal can remain intact, allowing the water to drain through.

5. The Motor is Broken

While this is not as common, a broken or burnt motor can also cause the washing machine to malfunction. This can manifest itself in many ways, such as causing the machine to turn off in the middle of a washing or refusing to let the water flow as it should. Repairing this yourself can be pretty difficult, which is why it is necessary to call in a technician as soon as possible

In A Nutshell

All in all, if your washing machine refuses to drain properly, with the water gathering up inside of it, chances are there is something wrong with the drain pipe or the motor. To ensure everything is functioning as it should, contact Jetter Drain at (832) 266-1614 and schedule an inspection with our experienced plumbers.


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