What Causes a Clogged Floor Drain?

October 30, 2023

A clogged floor drain is one of those household problems that always seem to strike at the most inconvenient of times. Whether it’s a pool of water forming around your shower or an unpleasant odor wafting up from your basement, dealing with this issue can be a real headache. But fear not! We are here to help out.

In this blog, we’ve mentioned some of the most practical tips suggested by our expert plumbers to help you tackle cleaning floor drains. However, if you’d much rather let a professional handle it, just pick up your phone and call in your trusty handyman. With a skilled plumber cleaning out the clogged drains, you can get the water to flow smoothly through them once again!

What is a Floor Drain?

A floor drain is a drain that is typically installed slightly below ground level in various settings. Usually, floor drains are found in basements, garages, commercial spaces, and even big industrial facilities.

The primary purpose of a floor drain is to drain excess water and prevent flooding by letting the water flow into the drain and away from the building. Floor drains consist of a grated cover that drapes over a basin that is designed to capture spills, rainwater, wastewater, etc. Ultimately, a floor drain plays a crucial role in maintaining proper drainage and preventing water damage. This makes these drains a practical feature in buildings that are prone to moisture accumulation or flooding.

Causes of a Clogged Floor Drain

Floor drains are much more likely to get clogged if the area is littered with dirt and debris. At times, foreign objects like pieces of paper, plastic, or even soap scum can lead to a blockage. Mainly, however, it depends on where the floor drain is. For instance, if your floor drain is in the shower, then it can get clogged by hair strands, soap particles, and the like. However, if it is in the laundry room, lint, hair, and other small objects can get carried out into the drain and gather inside the pipe.

How to Unclog a Floor Drain?

Unclogging a floor drain might seem intimidating, but if it’s causing the water to gather around, refusing to slow through it, a quick cleanup might be needed. You can either call in a professional plumber to help out or rely on a plunger to do the trick. Alternatively, you can also try pouring chemical cleaners down the drain to melt the debris, but this can be extremely dangerous.

Instead, stick to a physical tool like a drain snake or a plunger. Simply wiggle the equipment over the drain, moving it until the blockage is cleared. If it produces no fruitful results, contact an expert immediately.

Long Story Short

All in all, a clogged floor drain is far more common than you think. Be it your basement, laundry room, or shower, a floor drain can quickly get blocked due to the objects and debris surrounding it. To avoid causing further damage, it is better to seek help from a professional plumber. Contact Jetter Drain at (832) 266-1614 today to get in touch with our skilled technicians.


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